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Get all-natural, food-grade, Hydrogen Peroxide. This is one product with many solutions. Heal naturally, the OxyPower way!

How does OxyPower work?

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01Provides Oxygen
Your body needs Oxygen to heal. So many common ailments start with poor Oxygen levels and bacterial imbalances.
02Kills anaerobic bacteria

This is bad bacteria. It reduces blood flow and causes inflammation.

03Helps aerobic bacteria grow

A highly Oxygenated environment with less anaerobic bacteria is the ideal environment for aerobic bacteria. This is good bacteria. It helps keep you healthy.

04Cleans your body

Oxygen + good bacteria – bad bacteria = clean blood. This is the internal result of using OxyPower.


Learn about how OxyPower can improve your health.

Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria on your skin that causes pimples, while also fading blemishes and skin discoloration.


One product. Many solutions.

2 OxyPower bottles(16oz) with a special bundle discount Our 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide is...
Hydrogen peroxide as oxygen therapy has been used for years by many alternative practitioners for a...
Contains 1 16 fl oz Bottle of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 1 droplet for...
inhaler, oxypower, 1 exfoliating glove, 1 pack of cotton face pads, 1 lb pack of...
inhaler, oxypower, dropper

"Natural health, backed by science."

– April Parker, CEO and Scientist


"After using Nair hair remover on my bikini area, I developed a huge disgusting razor bump in a very embarrassing place. I heard about OxyPower soaked a cotton ball in OxyPower and used a band-aid to secure it in its place overnight. By morning that bump had shrunk to at least 3/4 of its original size and all that infection was out of it. I love this stuff. Thanks!"

OxyPower Customer

"After struggling with a foot fungus for many years, I decided to give OxyPower a try. I soaked my foot in hot water with OxyPower for an hour. I continued to soak my feet for one hour a day for six weeks, then eased off to every other day twice a week. My feet actually look normal again! My toenails are back white, no more foot cracking, no more bleeding, and the infernal itch is gone. I strongly recommend this same simple inexpensive solution to anyone with some type of skin problem. It works!"

OxyPower Customer

"I have suffered with Eczema since I was a very little girl. After the doctor and dermatologist were not able to help, I had to take matters into my own hands. I began soaking with OxyPower and I began to see my Eczema disappear. I also noticed an increase in my energy levels as well. After years of many creams, ointments, and lotions which didn't help, I'm so glad I have finally found something to beat my Eczema."

OxyPower CEO

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