Heal Naturally, with OxyPower!

Get all-natural, food-grade, Hydrogen Peroxide. This is one product with many solutions. Heal naturally, the OxyPower way!

How does OxyPower work?

Provides Oxygen

Your body needs Oxygen to heal. So many common ailments start with poor Oxygen levels and bacterial imbalances (you'll hear about that next!)

Kills anaerobic bacteria

This is bad bacteria. It reduces blood flow and causes inflammation.

Helps aerobic bacteria grow

A highly Oxygenated environment with less anaerobic bacteria is the ideal environment for aerobic bacteria. This is good bacteria. It helps keep you healthy.

Okay, then what?

Cleans your body

Oxygen + good bacteria - bad bacteria = clean blood. This is the internal result of using OxyPower.

Improves your circulation

With cleaner blood, you get better circulation. Good blood flow improves your healing process, no matter what your illness or healing needs are.

Reduces inflammation

With better circulation, you get reduced inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many health challenges, and makes it more difficult for your body to heal, naturally.

What's the result?

Less pain

Once your body gets the Oxygen it needs and you have better blood flow and decreased inflammation, any pain or symptoms will begin to go away, naturally.

Better immune system

Extra Oxygen and better blood flow helps white blood cells. These cells fight infections. After using OxyPower, your will have a stronger immune system to fight off any infections, naturally.

More energy

Get back to your life! OxyPower is about empowering you and letting YOUR body heal itself the way it is meant to. All without the costs of the doctor... Enjoy your day, after you heal naturally, the OxyPower way.

One Product. Many Solutions.


Remove toxins from your body.

immune boost

Oxygen rich environments kill bacteria and viruses.

heal naturally

Natural health, backed by science.


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April Parker

CEO, Scientist

Natural health, backed by science.

OxyPower is a woman-owned, minority-owned, American small business.

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